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Joker vs. Batman

By: Austin R.
Virginia, Age 13

The Joker was an evil villain. And he liked to murder and commit crime. His enemy was Batman. They would always fight and no one would ever win. So they both continued to plan out a way they could defeat each other. Penguin is the older and wiser person who helps out the joker. The joker continuously attacks Batman over and over. Batman only has one-person Robin. The Joker is a really bad person he robs banks, plants bombs, and halfway takes over the city. So Batman sees that he is just taking over and he doesn’t like it. So Batman plans something out to try to murder the Joker. So they eventually fight and it is the bloodiest battle ever. The Joker has finished batman and continues to do what he does. Batman feels embarrassed after that battle. Batman is really surprised. The joker takes over everything Batman has. The Batmobile, the Bat bike, and everything else Batman has. Batman says he wants revenge so just wait…