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How the Lizard Became Wiseful

By: Kenan M.
Nebraska, Age 6

It all started on a cool foggy morning with honey dew all over the grass and leaves. Lizard as usual, was trying to hunt down the moon to ask for advice on different things. Well, this time the moon didn't show up, but the Coyote showed up. He asked Lizard,''What are you doing, Lizard? You shouldn't even be out here.''
''I am trying to find the moon for some advice. Well, it is time we have another talk.''
''Lizard, the moon only comes out when something or someone really needs help. The only time it shows is when the clock or watchtowers strike midnight. It is already past midnight.''
''But this is really IMPORTANT! Don't you get it? I need advice right now.''
''Well, you won't find the moon out tonight. Let me sing a song.''
''All right. Maybe for once I will listen to you.''
''Here it goes. The moon gave away its light.
As you gave away your fright.
We all have needed help.
But once in awhile we need to yelp.
I gave up along time ago.
And you should too.
Now you now must know that the moon is there.
Even though it doesn't like its there.
Just remember to believe in yourself the whole way.
So go out and find your hay.
For now you will become wiser than anybody else for once.
Now you have another sense.
That is the song for I have just put on a spell on you. Everytime you mate, your younglings will be wiser than you. They will learn many things on their own, but you will remain the way you are wondering where the moon is. Your sons and daughters will visit you many moons and suns till you die. After they die, they will remain on their own. And when they mate, their babies will not depend on them and will not remain for suns and moons. This spell will last forever on lizards till one of them can outsmart my generations. They will know my generations by the gray and black coat, one ear always down while hunting, my purple tongue, tail always tucked between my legs, and my blackish-bluish eyes.''
''Thank you for reclaiming my life.''
''You are welcome.''
So that is the story of how the Lizard became smarter.