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A Colorful Story

By: Ian S.
West Virginia, Age 10

A colorful story
In a time long ago, lived two rival families. The Sunshine'sand the Shades. Now the parents didn't fight, but the kids sure did; boy, did they rile each other up. One day Rayless Shades was getting bored. He decided to eradicate some of the vibrant color, Arch had created. In the meantime, Arch Sunshine was trying to create color.
Soon enough the children, Arch Sunshine and Rayless Shades, got very provoked by each other. They had gotten so mad, over some silly color, that they both created fierce fighters. Whoever had the most fighters surviving at the end would get to create a contract. Soon the warriors were ready to face off. The kids watched as their warriors and fighters walked in the arena. They were all ready.
They all created second versions of their best friends. Rayless made Gloomy Shades, and Arch made Solar Rays. The fight was on, but as the fight got closer more death came. Solar Rays shot the biggest wave of gamma waves. It destroyed not only Gloomy, but thirty other men with Rayless. The red and orange waves got closer and closer to Rayless, and he cried out ''STOP!'' He had to forfeit, Arch WON! The fight had gone on for hours, and he just quit. No fight. No nothing.
Soon Arch's men were TRIUMPHANT. In these exact words, Arch announced, ''Ye will be banished and only be allowed to cause darkness twelve hours a day. Ye shall also only make it rain ten times a month max, but once you decide to make it rain that day, it can go on and off. If ye do not follow thy rules, I shall destroy you.''
Soon it was a monthly routine. Rayless would cause some darkness and a little rain here and there. Arch knew the drill. A rainbow here and there, but soon the deal was off because Rayless had been so good following each rule, but Rayless liked the routine now being a grown up he knew everyone down on earth loved color ,but did enjoy rain here and there so he decided, ''Let's keep the deal rolling!''
You know what? They're probably still up there keeping that deal rolling.