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Pusheen and the Wandering Dog

By: Kylie N.
West Virginia, Age 10

Pusheen and the Wandering Dog

Once open a time, there was a unicorn mix cat named Pusheen. He was a tubby, gray, and brown cat with a sparkly unicorn horn and mane. He was Animia's pet. Anima was the goddess of animals. Animia loved Pusheen so much that she created a beautiful forest on earth for him to live in. Pusheen was obviously magical. He thought he was the best animal that ever lived. He liked the all other animals and didn't mind them, except for one.The one animal Pusheen hated the most was dogs.

The next day a little dog with straggly blonde hair named Emmie wandered into Pusheen's forest! Emmie thought this was a great place to live. But little did she know that the magical creature Pusheen despised dogs and could take her down with the touch of his horn. Animia noticed Emmie before Pusheen did and was about to stop her, until Pusheen turned around.

When Emmie saw that Pusheen was looking at her, she politely said, ''Hello!''

Pusheen grew with rage and said to Emmie, ''This is my forest and maybe I should have gotten a sign because there are NO DOGS ALLOWED!'' When Pusheen spoke those final words, he screamed them so loud that even Animia who was up in the clouds had to cover her ears. Emmie was now shuddering as Pusheen hovered over her.

Then Pusheen backed up and Emmie stood up, brushed herself off, and apologized, ''I am very sorry for wandering in here, I will just make my way out...'' But before Emmie could finish what she had to say, Pusheen charged at her with his head down and his horn sticking straight out.

Just before Pusheen's horn pricked Emmie, Animia lifted Emmie into the clouds with her. Then Animia looked at Pusheen and demanded, ''Pusheen! Why can't you show this kind, lost dog love like I have shown you love!''

''I.....I.'' Pusheen stuttered.

''Because you have done this, I am taking away your beloved forest!'' Animia declared and with the wave of her hand, Pusheen's forest turned to fire and ash and darkness.

Then Pusheen bursted out, ''I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Animia, I'm sorry, Emmie!'' He put his head in his hands and wept.

Then Animia heard another sound of crying. It was Emmie! ''I'm sorry too, I was the one who wandered in the first place.'' Now instead of anger, Animia felt sorrow for both of them. Then Animia waved her hand, and Pusheen's beautiful forest came back! Pusheen was so happy when Animia stopped him, ''You can only keep your forest under one condition. You have to let Emmie live in the forest with you.'' Animia told Pusheen. Pusheen sighed then put on a smile, '' Okay, I guess dogs aren't so bad!'' So Animia lowered Emmie into the forest.

From that day on, Pusheen and Emmie were best friends. But that doesn't mean all dogs and cats are friends, some still aren't fond of each other because of the legend of Pusheen and Emmie.