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Butterfly Gymnastics

By: Ava P.
West Virginia, Age 7

Paisley is a good friend to Isabella. She is cute with long brown hair. Isabella is Paisley's best friend. Isabella has long blonde hair and blue eyes. They do gymnastics together every day.

Paisley and Isabella like to do gymnastics in Isabella's backyard. They practice beside Isabella's flower bushes every day. When Isabella does her toe touch, all the butterflies fly out of the flower bushes. The flowers are pink, purple, and yellow. They are very pretty and smell good.

When all of the butterflies flew out of the flower bushes Paisley ran into the house because she did not know about Isabella's powers. Paisley said that them toe touch powers are amazing. Paisley was very surprised. Isabellas power to make butterflies fly just by doing a toe touch Paisley thought. Isabella thought her powers her powers were very cool but she did get tired of running into the house.