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A Flower From Jewels

By: Ella S.
West Virginia, Age 10

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen named Lily. She lived with her young son named James. They lived in their kingdom in the clouds. One morning Lily woke up to check on James, but when she reached his room, he was gone. Queen Lily was frantically searching for her son all over the kingdom, but had no luck.

She went to one of the wisemen and begged him to help her. He agreed and told Queen Lily about an evil witch named Jade. ''She lives deep in the forest, my queen, and she also happens to be quite jealous of your beauty. I have heard rumors throughout the village that she is going to take away the thing that you care for the most.'' Lily did not know what to think of this news.

''Thank you, you shall be rewarded for your great act of kindness.'' Said Queen Lily.

As Queen Lily always wore an abundance of jewels, most of them had fallen off of her while she was tearing through the kingdom. They rained down from the clouds and landed on earth. A week passed, then a month, but Queen Lily had not stopped. She finally reached what she assumed was Jade's hut. She burst through the door and ran through the house, searching in every room for her son.

Behind the final door was Jade holding James. ''Ah, so I see you have found me! Give me your kingdom and I will give you your son back!'' She said. Lily had no choice, she agreed.

Lily took Jade to the kingdom, and Jade became the new queen. Lily traveled to the same wisemen, and when she left the wisemen's home, Lily had a plan. She went to her former castle and requested a job as a maid. They allowed her to work.

Queen Jade noticed who her new maid was, she took her prisoner. Jade was jealous of Lily's beauty, and she demanded for her to give it to her. Lily told Jade that there was a well on the edge of the village, and if she drank a glass of water from it, she could change her appearance at will. Jade didn't know that Lily and the wisemen had poisoned the water with a deadly substance. Jade drank one glass of water from the well and instantly fell to the ground.

Since Jade was gone, Lily became queen again. When everything was back to normal Queen Lily's jewels that had fallen down to earth, grew into dazzling flowers.