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A Saphruby Snowstorm

By: Alyssa F.
West Virginia, Age 9

In the Arctic world there stood the Ice City of Rupiasanta, and in that city there stood an ice palace. And whom lived in that ice palace? Why, Rupianasa the Arctic Fox did. She had aqua blue paws, white and silver fur, and a beautiful coat of snow all over her back. She had a turquoise blue ice crown, too. She ruled over all the creatures in Rupisanta. There were many Arctic and Antarctic animal citizens, such as polar bears, Tibetan wolves and foxes with many other wonders to be found.

One peaceful, snowy day, huge, atomic bursts of time blasts seemed to have appeared, and the Titan of Time, Rosompio, who was a frog, had flown out of the atomic explosion. He had glimmering sapphire eyes, ruby skin, gushing reflected light from the sun shining off his back, bat wings, demon horns, claws, and a demons tail.

After the blast, he began to destroy the city. In extreme tragedy and physical violence he took all the citizens to the Time Dimension and didn't emerge forth for the rest of the day. Rupianasa was very devastated to see her city destroyed, so she started the Saphruby Snowstorm. Sapphires rained like hail from the dark sky filled with smoke, and rubies thundered from place to place like a storm surge. Despite the destruction, she traveled to the Time Dimension anyway. When she got there, she was very surprised to see her citizens expanding the city of Time for Rosompio.

Rupianasa exclaimed,