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Flurry and Fireball

By: Trey S.
West Virginia, Age 7

Once upon a time there was a girl named Flurry. She was a warm hearted person. She had ice powers, and she had glistening white hair. She was immortal. Fireball was a mean, cold hearted person. He laughed awkwardly sometimes when no body was watching.

Fireball had magic evil machines to win the war. He was angry since Flurry called him Walrus Face, and more Importantly Flurry froze his parents. Fireball melted Flurry's parents and that's why they are having a war.

Fireball had a friend and he was an evil chef. He lived on the hottest planet in the galaxy. His name was Jeff. He had the hottest things and ingredients. He had an evil scheme that he and Fireball had been talking about with Jeff. Jeff made a huge pot with all of the huge ingredients in it for about a decade. Finally it was finished. It was designed to destroy Flurry.

After they were done talking, they decided that they would set the trap tomorrow. When Fireball woke up, he seemed like the happiest man alive. He talked with Jeff, then they set the trap. Right then they sent Flurry a fake SOS. Then Flurry flew as fast as she could to the planet. She saw that it was a trap. She was so mad that she felt like she was going to explode. She froze the pot with Fireball and Jeff, but that was not the end of Fireball.