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Why The Earth Spins

By: Remy M.
California, Age 12

The earth spins because of the god of space, Ecaps. One day, he wanted to have a toy. He asked his father if he could have a toy, so his father gave him a giant top. Ecaps didnĂt think his top was decorated enough. He went to the galaxy in search of something to put on top of it. He put a black hole on it, but it started to suck in the top, so that didnĂt work . Next he was going to put some constellations on it, but his father told him that they were not suitable for it because then the galaxy would be messed up. He thought about putting the planet Pluto on it, but it was too cold to put on.
He couldnĂt think of anything else, so he asked his dad. His dad told him to put the earth on his top, but first he had to ask the people of earth if it was okay. He said they would probably say yes because all other planets spin, and they wouldnĂt want to be left-out. So Ecaps went to earth and asked the people. He said ˘Hello, I am Ecaps, the God of space. I ask of your permission if I may put your planet on top of top. So, what do you say?÷ The people of earth were very nice and didnĂt want to be left out, so they said he could.
Ecaps and the people didnĂt know it was a never ending top, so once Ecap put the earth on his top, it wouldnĂt stop spinning. It would only slow down, but never stop. Whenever you think of why the earth spins, thank Ecaps, the god of space. This is why the earth will always spin and why it spins.