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King Meren's Trap

By: Suhani K.
New Jersey, Age 10

Once upon a time, there were no lakes on the Earth and just plain fields of grass and concrete. Every morning in the palace of Napasville, hummingbirds filled the air with a beautiful tune and the gardens of vibrant tulips bordered the golden and luxurious place with color. King Meren was pleased with extravagance and neatness of his amazing palace, especially the treasure of gold in his secret room. The only people that knew about this room were King Meren and the people that lived in the palace. Although King Meren was lucky and rich, he was a humble man and never boasted to anyone and took care of the villagers very well. He made sure they had enough food, money, and clothes.
One morning at breakfast, one of the guards from the room of gold saw that some of the gold went missing. He immediately reported this to the king. Upon hearing this, King Meren exploded with anger like a volcano erupting hot lava, and his voice went from quiet to yelping. He was so furious that steam came out his ears and his face was as red as a tomato.
King Meren knew that without his precious gold, his castle wouldn’t be complete. He sped out of the door and saw that his security guards outside the castle were killed. King Meren stared at them startled, as if he was missing the piece of a puzzle. He ordered his wisest men and fastest messengers to go and figure out what had happened during the night.
A day later, the men came back with detailed information on what had happened. In a palace across the country, there is a very cruel king named King Joseph, and he was considered to be the richest man on the whole planet. One of King Joseph’s soldiers came to the palace disguised as one of the workers of the palace and got to know about the room of gold. He wrote a letter about the room, and sent his troops down to steal some gold, and kill the guards in the process. Not wasting a second, King Meren devised a trick for King Joseph’s messengers and soldiers.
In night, King Meren placed invisible bombs that could sense when people were coming and blow up at the perfect time. King Meren was talking about the bombs as loud as a hyena, and one of King Joseph’s soldiers, Sam, heard and saw him. He walked quietly to the bombs and quickly swept them away with a broom so they wouldn’t blow up on him. He quietly went back, as sneaky as a fox. Then his soldiers came, killed the guards, and stole more of the gold.
King Meren was expecting to hear an explosion and see a lot of dead bodies outside, but no explosions or bodies were there, except of his own body guards. He checked his secret room of gold, and as he predicted, more of the gold went missing! Then he remembered it was not time to get furious, but he should try one more time. He found out that one of the soldiers heard and saw him placing the bombs and then took the broom and threw them away.
King Meren lined up his strongest and most powerful security guards to guard the whole palace from top to bottom, even in the inside, especially the room of gold. Then the king sprayed the gold with Invisibility Spray, so the gold couldn’t be seen. One of the soldiers would pretend to be part of King Joseph’s troop and would coerce them to follow him, but he wouldn’t lead them to the room of gold, but to the dungeon room. King Meren thought the plan would be perfect to trick King Joseph’s soldiers during the night. As resourceful as the king was, he didn’t notice one important mistake. The plan was to have one of King Meren’s soldier to fool King Joseph’s troop by bringing them to prison and lock them up, but King Meren didn’t choose the correct person.
One of King Joseph’s soldiers snuck in during the time he was telling the plan and choosing the person, and he must’ve had his head in the clouds, because he chose the soldier that snuck in! That soldier spoiled the plan to his actual troop and they went right into the room of gold! The soldiers sprayed it with the Visibility Spray and they stole even more gold and ran away.
The next morning, King Meren stomped heavily with raging anger just like Mount Everest crashing on the ground. He couldn’t think of another trick or plan to prevent the soldiers from sneaking into the room of gold and running off. Then, just like lightning, it struck him. He planned to have no soldiers, no guards, but a trap! He gathered a meeting in the meeting room and told his workers the plan.
When the sun took it’s place in the west and the darkness sky with shimmering stars covered the white clouds and blue sky, everyone gathered outside. The workers grabbed long, metal shovels and started digging a humongous hole. The hole was so huge that at least a billion people can fit inside! They filled it up with at least 2,756,900 gallons of water and covered it with several gigantic tuffs of grass to make it look like it was part of the grassy fields. Luckily, King Joseph’s soldier’s hadn’t arrived yet, so they couldn’t see them make the trap. As King Joseph’s troop approached, they thought they were very lucky that there were no guards or bombs to stop them. They thought that they could triumph over their chance to steal all the gold possible. They didn’t carefully scan the ground, though and as they ran, the tuffs of grass opened up, letting the soldiers fall in. Everyone thought that they were so foolish of thinking they were successful. King Meren walked out of his palace and saw all the soldiers in the water and trapped. The soldiers begged King Meren to let them go and that they were sorry. King Meren took pity on these young soldiers, but knew he had to give a punishment.
He thought up a punishment that wasn’t cruel, but one that taught a lesson. King Meren called the traps (holes with water) “lakes,” and then turned all the soldiers into little creatures that lived in the lakes. He called these creatures, “fish,” in short for foolishness of listening to King Joseph to steal his gold. The news of how King Meren trapped those soldiers and what he turned them into spread like wildfire across the whole world. Everyone thought it was a pretty clever idea, so they started doing it to people who steal their belongings, and that’s how lakes and fish are all over the world and there isn’t just dry land.