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By: Ethan M.
Oregon, Age 5

A long time ago, there was a dragon-like-creature. He could spit fire at bad people, and could fly, one day a bad person, stabbed it with a sword. The dragon was not happy, It became evil!Crushing houses, could be able to smash diamonds with its foot, and it was HUGE! bigger than a blue whale. Its fire was more, well, lets just say it was more powerful. not only did it burn, but it was purple and caused radiation, its tail could destroy a skyscraper! One day, it destroyed the whole city of Monroe, it began destroying Oregon! It tried to battle Oregon,It won. The USA was in danger, but one day, when it was destroying Texas, Ethan Meyer came and pored water in its mouth, it got angry but could not blow fire, however, the clouds it had rained that fire! And came attacking Ethan, but failed, in a few secs he grabbed 5 diamonds form the mantle and fed it to him, he exploded, he saved the day! The End