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A ghost in the house

By: April C.
Texas, Age 9

A ghost was seen in the room monica was the only one there. And nobody believe her . After many episode they though she was crazy.Then people start seeing ghost .Then people though they were
all crazy. Then April and kaylee were the one's doing everything. So everything went back to normal.Then in the middle of the night April and Kaylee heard doors closing.Then in the morning they said who did it . Everyone said i didn't do it .So then they put cameras .And then they saw ghost.Then they found out that there are more ghost more than 10.
OMG!There are ghost everywhere Ahhhhhhhh
! Where can we hide. Not there are ghost in there to . Let's call the cop's oh ok. 911 What's your emergency there are ghost in the house . HA HA this is only a emergency line bye. Wait let's just talk to them and ask them why they are here.WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY ! Hey ghost why are you here .Because April and Kaylee
went to the cementary and disturbed him . and april and kaylee had to say sorry and clean the cementary forever