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Extraordinary Skies

By: Abee W.
Michigan, Age 5

When the world was being made, Skylar knew she had to help - but she wanted her contribution to be extraordinary. What was she to do? There was grass and lakes and dirt on the planet, what was left to create?

Skylar looked at the trees, which stood tall and steady from their roots. She gazed at the ocean, which waved back at her gracefully. How could she find something to do that could be as great?
Finally, she knew: Skylar would create what would soon be called the sky.

Skylar went to work promptly. She used the azure of her eyes for the sky's blue color, and her breath for the soft wisps of clouds. But what would illuminate her creation? Surely she couldn't leave the world in darkness. So from her soul, she brought the sun for daylight, and as she went to sleep, the sunset held the colors of her dreams. For the night, Skylar brought forth the moon and stars from the bottom of her heart. And as she shed tears of joy, they fell from darkened clouds, her powerful sobs bringing thunder and lightning to earth. Finally, Skylar thought as she concluded the masterpiece, I've done something extraordinary.