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A Girl and a castle

By: Chelsea P.
South Dakota, Age 14

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lilly. Lilly lived in a castle in Paris. Lilly was about 49, long blonde hair, and blue eyes. Lilly was a kind little girl that was well educated.
When Lilly was just a baby her mother died. The queen of London would always invite Lilly over for tea parties. She rarely saw her father.

One day at the queens while having tea a handsome little boy came over. At first Lilly fell in loved with him. Until a couple weeks later the little boy was rude and cruel to everything. So Lilly put a spell on him to make his life horrified. There were thunderstorms, lightning, tornados and a whole bunch of terrifying things.

The next day the girl seen the boy and he was the only one hurt by the storms. From that day and on the little boy was kind to everything. Lilly and the boy eventually got married and had a family. They lived happily ever after.