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The Adventure's Of Zeus

By: Jaik U.
New Jersey, Age 10

The Adventures Of Zeus

A long long time ago live The Great Fire
of God Zeus and lived with his wife Ursula the water goddess Just went on a long his journey to find the staff Of Fire to defeat the great monster that lives in the volcano Hydra. so this one Along on his journey so far he is still digging to look for the staff but the defeat Hydra there's a couple problems he needs face Hydra has 18 heads And hydrate all the mega mushroom so he is huge. 2 weeks later Zeus reach the mantle Zeus said “ hoof it's hot in here” 4 Weeks Later Zeus has reached the inner core of the Earth Zeus said “ it is hot in here it is so hot I feel like I'm going to burn.” as he smelled smoke those Zeus got Staff and he has one question “how am I going to get back up?” but his wife told him that the staff was magical so he Road up the hole that he dig and he Rode up the staff like a witches broomstick! so Zeus went to hydry volcano on the island that was getting in the land over so Zeus use the beginning the fight Hydry off and Hydry got so small that Zeus picked him up and took him where he was raised. and more Mega mushrooms will grow on a tree. The End