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A lion

By: Sarah S.
Florida, Age 15

One day Zarek the G-d of earth took a walk with his sons Yauvani and his twin brother Yamal, to show them what will, one day be theirs. They walked through the oceans meeting all of the sea creatures and listening to their problems. They all were saying the same thing, Lencho the lion kept wandering into their territory, trying to boss the sea creatures around and acted as if he were their G-d. Zarek promised to talk to Lencho for them. Then they said their good byes and they left for the desert.
Once Zarek, Yauvani and Yamal reached the desert, they were greeted by Nyoka, a friendly snake. He took them for a tour of the dessert, showing them all of the oasis and cactus patches. While walking through one, many oaises, Nyoka made a comment about Lencho always being here and trying to be controlling. Nyoka just brushed it off as if it were ''normal'' but Zarek kept asking about Lencho. Nyoka said it was no big deal but Zarek would not just allow it to be brushed off it was a big deal for an animal to act like a G-d when he was not one. Finally Nyoka broke down and said that almost weekly Lencho would come to the dessert, and command the dessert creatures to do as he said. When they would not comply, Lencho would become aggravated and leave. At that point Zarek and his sons went searching for Lencho. They asked Nyoka where they could find him, he suggested they look in the antarctic, so they went.
When they reached the antarctic, a friendly polar bear greeted them, with an upset smile. They asked him what was wrong and he told them Lencho had just come through yelling at all of the arctic animals to do exactly what he said or he would kill them. At that point the polar bear started to cry hysterically. He said this had been going on for a few years now and every Tuesday Lencho would come and expect to find at least four pounds of fish and a hole in the ice where he could go into to swim. The polar bear begged Zarek to stop this, he said the arctic animals could no longer live their lives like this. He said if it continued they would have to move to another planet where the G-ds could protect their animals completely. Zarek agreed to talk to Lencho if he knew where to find him, the polar bear said to look for him at his home in Africa. So Zarek, Yauvani and Yamal left for Africa immediately.
They arrived in Africa and asked a woodpecker for directions to Lencho's den. The woodpecker took them to his den but on the way, he told them of Lencho's bossiness. When the reached the den Lencho opened the door and welcomed in the G-d and sons. When Zarek informed Lencho of their nature of the visit, Lencho's just went into complete silence and acted as if he were ashamed of his behavior. When asked why he would do that to the poor defenseless animals, he remarked that he just wanted to feel important. He looked at all of the G-ds and was jealous of how all the creatures respected them and gave them whatever they wanted. Zarek made a deal with the lion if he were to stay in his jungle and stop being mean to the other animals, the G-ds would make him king of the jungle, where he would be in charge of making sure every thing was in order but he had to be pleasant to the other creatures. Lencho agreed to the terms and there was a large party that night in the jungle where they crowned him with a mane of fur so he would be distinguishable to the other creatures.
Once every two-years Zarek, Yauvani, and Yamal goes to visit Lencho to see how he is doing and to make sure he is doing his job correctly. The jungle is now the most orderly of all the places on earth thanks to Lencho.