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*The Amazement behind the Stars*

By: Kate R.
Illinois, Age 13

A long time ago, at the top of Mt. Olympia, sat all the gods and goddesses for Aphrodite's birthday. They ate, sang songs, and played games. After a while, it was time for Aphrodite to blow out her candles. She strived to blow them all out; she finally did after four gigantic gusts of air. They noticed when she blew the flames they floated away, up towards the high heavens. What they didn't notice was when the flames flew up, they stayed there, and didn't come back down. Later that night when everyone went home, she started to walk through Thomasina and Gordy's butterfly and flower garden. She glanced up in astonishment; she saw bright little lights all over the midnight black sky. Aphrodite never noticed these little lights before. She sat down by an old tree and gazed up at the sky in wonder. Aphrodite saw one particular star that was the brightest of them all. Right then and there, she decided to name it after herself. After all, she was the most beautiful goddess in all the land. When she got up to go home, she realized how the bright little lights got into the sky. That is why every night you see stars in the nighttime sky. All because of Aphrodite's magical birthday.