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Right Down the Middle

By: David N.
North Carolina, Age 13

A very long time ago there was a god known as Lancaster, who had eight children. Seven of those shildren were continents, while the other one was an ocean. All the continents were connected and never paid any attention to Erico the ocean.
The continents always mistreated Erico, by callling him bas names or leaving him out of family activities. Whenever Erico mad a mistake or did soemthing wrong his brothers and sisters would always say they hate himand would not talk to him for the rest of the day.
One day, Erico was not feeling too well and had a very strong high current. The current had been so strong that it started to make a small stream into the continents. He then thoguth that if he could make a big enough stream that he could go through all his brothers and sisters and be in the middle of all of them. Knowing that to make a stream through all the continets would tka e many years he decided to ask his father Lancaster for help.
Lancaster had seen how the others had mistreated Erico so he decided to help him with his plan. Lancaster also had told Erico that breaking up the continents that he might change his brothers and sisters for life. Erico was so excited about breaking up the continents that he did not pay much attention to what Lancaster said and went through with the plan.
Two suns later, Lancaster caused a huge earthquake that split up all of the continents apart. Erico's waters then rushed in between the cracks and filled them up. Erico's brothers and sisters were so mad ta him that the wished he wasn't even their brother.
the next day, Erico found out that all the creatures on his families continents had died otu becasue they had not been able to adapt to their new location fast enough. Erico fekt so bad that to this day he has never spoken to his brothers and sisters or Lancaster again.