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By: Jeffrey B.
North Carolina, Age 13

One day, when Pangaea was the only huge continent on the earth, many wars broke out between the separate parts of the massive contienet because they wanted their own places and territory. The people from the other parts kept walking over into the other peoples territory for supplies and things like that. Every day, the war grew in greater numbers, even more tragedies, and more fierce. About one year into the battle over territory, the gods got tired of listening to all the nonsense of this war.

Everyday, one of the humans from each side would come and beg for the gods help. So, one day, the gods decided they were going to split this war up. To break Pangaea apart, but they could not decide how many continents they should split it up into. So they each took a number from 2-9 and played rock, paper, scissors, shoot to see what number they got. The winning number was 7. All the gods got together, used all their might and strength and broke up the gigantic continent into 7 smaller continents which to this ver day the gods are still moving. They are moving slightly every year until one day they are far enough apart that there will be no more wars. And that's how the continents came to be.