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~*~The Snow Storm~*~

By: Kenisha F.
Kentucky, Age 13

One day me and my friends Ashley,Toya,Mariah,Monica,Christine was couldn't want for christmas to get and it was cold and no snow and one day me and my friends made a bet that it was going to snow and then is wasnt.Toya,Mariah,Monica,Christine was beting that it was not going to snow and me and ashley was very close friend she was like my sister and i could tell her anything and we beted that it was going to snow.Well one day we all was
walking to da park to meet some peps like,Bj,Buck,Desmond,Levises,Avery,Laneus and Tez.We all was geting ready to go to da movies and then just chill at the ashley crib and then we was wanting 4 them to leave and we went outside and it was snowing and you know me and ashley won the bet $50.00. And anything is possible when you do things with your home gurlz!!!!!!