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Age 6

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Title Written By State/Country
Bloodsucking Jim Jim B. Kentucky
Brocolli Eathan W. Iowa
Candy Africa H. New Jersey
Crath Saves Tortoises Cody B. New York
Crystles Rakha A. Ohio
Father Earth A young person 3. Belize
Fitgerald The Crocodile Misty M. Alabama
Fruity juice Joe S. Wyoming
How Chile got its name Roberto C. Chile
How Clouds Came To Be Jonathan P. Cuba
How rain is made Poncho V. Spain
How the Birds Got Feathers Morgan B. New York
How the Kleenex blew BYOPIA H. Alaska
How the Lizard Became Wiseful Kenan M. Nebraska
How the tsunami came to be Mason D. Hawaii
How we got computers Blake O. Afghanistan
How we got TV CoCo G. Colorado
How Zebras Got Stripes Blake O. Indiana
Lighting Hubbitrone Y. Louisiana
Mommys and Daddys Africca-Lu H. New Jersey
Old Man Winter Alexis F. California
Q. Myth Adam N. Canada
Raven Thief Alexis F. California
Rocks Bob K. Kentucky
Silly sun Kate M. United Kingdom