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Age 6

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Title Written By State/Country
Father Earth A young person 3. Belize
Q. Myth Adam N. Canada
Candy Africa H. New Jersey
Mommys and Daddys Africca-Lu H. New Jersey
Old Man Winter Alexis F. California
Raven Thief Alexis F. California
Sun Alison S. Cuba
The man who got lost under a volcano Andrew K. Rhode Island
How Zebras Got Stripes Blake O. Indiana
How we got computers Blake O. Afghanistan
The snakes legs Bob R. Colorado
Rocks Bob K. Kentucky
the loin and the yoonicorn bpo y. Michigan
How the Kleenex blew BYOPIA H. Alaska
Why tehe dog sees black and white Carla R. Spain
How we got TV CoCo G. Colorado
Crath Saves Tortoises Cody B. New York
The Harnful Bull Daniel R. Texas
The gift of lizards Diana M. California
Brocolli Eathan W. Iowa
Why people HATE brocilli and tree lossage Elmo Q. Australia
zig zag chase grace j. Washington
Why roosters say cock a doodle doo Grace J. Washington
What on earth am I doing Groogre F. Norway
Why rain falls! Happy T. Arizona