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Age 7

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Title Written By State/Country
How The Parrot Got Her Colors  A. The Netherlands
The Boy and the Tsunami Aaron E. Guatemala
Snow Abby S. Tennessee
How earth came to be Abe L. Texas
The Jungle Dragon Aidan V. Michigan
The Jungle Dragon Aidan V. Michigan
The Water Dragon Aidan V. Michigan
The Frost Dragon Aidan V. Michigan
Tsunami! Aidan V. Michigan
Earthquake! Aidan V. Michigan
Monsters and other Beasts Aidan V. Michigan
Hurricane! Aidan V. Michigan
Greek myths Alex K. Arizona
Folktales of a dragon Allison F. Georgia
Big foot Alonna H. Maine
The snowstorm Amaya L. Tennessee
Why do we have birthmarks? Ana M. Kansas
A horse that became famis Anastasia P. Colorado
Mack and Zack. Aniyah X. Georgia
January Arebb E. Georgia
Hydra and Izanami Ariyah L. Maryland
The Thunder God Aryaman K. The Netherlands
Why birthdays exist Autumn O. Michigan
Butterfly Gymnastics Ava P. West Virginia
Dragons Bailey C. Kentucky