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By: Coder P.
California, Age 11

'I don't want to move here,' Derek said.
'Yeah, nobody has lived here in almost 100 years,' Cody replied.
Derek and Cody are cousins, but Cody's mom had died a few years earlier so he lived with Derek and his family.
Derek's mom (Liz) had been transfered to Omaha, Nebraska for her job. They were moving into a house that was 2 stories high and hadn't been lived in since 1900.
When they got inside they chose their rooms and unpacked. Before long it was 9:45 and they got ready for bed.

That night Derek and Cody were awaken by footsteps on the stairs. They shared a room so they both looked at their alarm and it said 3:00 a.m. .

'Who would be awake at 3 in the morning?' asked Cody.
'I don't know,' replied Derek. 'Let's find out.'

They went into the hallway and saw a girl in white clothes. When she got close Derek asked 'Who are you?' but before he got an answer she disappeared.

Derek and Cody were scared stiff until they looked down and saw a white piece of paper. Cody picked it up and looked at it.
'What does it say?' asked Derek.
'Julie,' replied Cody.

The next day they went to the library and looked at the records of all the Julies that lived in the town until they found one that looked like the girl they had seen. Then their mouths opened in horror. The reports showed that she was born in 1882 and died in 1900.

'She's a ghost,' said Derek.

'But she can't be,' said Cody, shaking. 'We saw her last night!'

'So you think you saw a ghost last night?' Megan asked.

Megan is Derek's sister.

'If it was right by my door why didn't I hear her?'
'I don't Know,' Derek replied.

'You were probably snoring too loud,' Cody said.

'If we didn't see her, how did we get this?' asked Derek showing his sister the white paper with Julie wrote on it.

'You probably wrote it yourself,' Megan said walking down the stairs.

That night after dinner Derek and Cody went upstairs to play a video game, but when they got upstairs, in the hall was the girl.

They stared at her and then she said 'Help me,' and disappeared.
Cody and Derek ran downstairs and tried to tell Derek's mom, but she didn't believe them.

When they were going back upstairs they saw something white under Megan's door. They opened the door and sure enough, there was the white gown that the ghost wore.
They started looking for Megan and when they found her they were mad.

'Okay Megan, the joke's over!' Cody yelled.
'What did I do?' Megan asked.
'You know what!' Derek said.
'But, I....'
All of a sudden Derek's mom came out laughing.

'I couldn't hold it in anymore,' Liz said.

'I found a picture of Julie and her name so I dressed up like her and tried to scare you.'

'Mom!' Derek said sounding mad.

'Wait a second,' Liz said 'April Fools.'

They all started laughing..?'
Then Derek asked 'How did you disappear?

'I just made sure I was by a door at all times.'


Author's comments

It was terrific to see your characters use research to help solve the mystery in your story, Coder. That was a clever approach.

The solution to the mystery was great. You gave us a scary ghost story with a funny, logical ending, and I enjoyed reading it. Good work!