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Silent Moves

By: Meredith P.
Delaware, Age 11

I didn't Know were I was or what was going to happen to me. All
I new was that I was not safe and I needed help. At two this morning I had been awakened by a mysterious man and pulled out the window. I tryed to escape his gripping arms but I knew it was useless. He threw me into the back of a truck with my hands and feet tyed up. We drove for a while into I no longer was aware of my seroundings. He pulled me out into the cold night air. Then suddenly, I was knocked out . Would I be alive tomorrow?


Author's comments

Meredith, you have an exciting opening to a story, but you haven't written the rest of the story. In any story the main character has a problem to solve and must solve it himself. What is your character going to do? Have her think of some way to save herself and do it. Then you'll have written a mystery story.