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The Missing Cookie

By: Nicole M.
Florida, Age 12

It was a bright and sunny day. No one expected anything to happen. SallyĂs best friend, Molly, was coming over. Sally had made a big mess of her toys. Her mom said she had to clean up her toys before she played with Molly. Molly arrived before the toys were clean. She waited in the kitchen. SallyĂs mom had made cookies. She gave one to Molly and put one on the table for Sally when she was done. Soon, Sally was done, and she went into the kitchen for her cookie, but it was-was-GONE! Sally began to cry.

˘DonĂt worry! We can find out who stole it! I saw it on TV. ItĂs called a mystery!÷ Sally stopped crying and Molly explained, ˘we walk around the house looking for clues like---crumbs and foot prints and stuff. Then, when we find out who did it, we punish them.÷ Sally agreed, and soon the girls were crawling on the floor looking for clues.

˘LOOK!÷ Molly cried, ˘CRUMBS!÷ And, sure enough, a trail of crumbs led down the hall to SallyĂs sister, MaryĂs room. Mary was 8 months old. A pile of crumbs lay by her feet.

˘Mary, how could--wait, she couldnĂt have! She isnĂt tall enough!÷ Sally said.

˘She must have been framed!÷ Molly said.

˘Framed???÷ Sally asked.

˘Yes, framed is when someone tries to get them in trouble for what they did.÷

˘Then who did it?÷ I donĂt know. LetĂs look down the hall in MattĂs room.÷

MattĂs room was at the end of the hall, and although she was with Molly, Sally was scared. There was a feeling in her gut telling her that somebody was in her house. A robber was in her house, and while Molly wasnĂt looking, they stole it. She got ready to scream as they approached MattĂs room. Maybe the robber was a murderer, too! Maybe he had killed Matt and was hiding in there waiting to kill them, too. As they opened the door, the door creaking, her nightmare had come true all of a sudden a robber jumped up at them and held out a knife. The girls screamed, but it was too late for Sally. In less than a second the knife was in her back. She fell to the ground, pale and dead-looking.

She shot up. ˘Matt, that wasnĂt funny!!÷she screamed. He was laughing hysterically.

˘Did you see the look on your face? You went crazy. You actually fell for that old Halloween costume!÷

Just then, a noise came from the closet. It was a human voice. It said, ˘It was funny wasnĂt it, Matt?÷ A loud and evil laugh came from the closet. The children were still and stiff. Sally stepped forward toward the closet. She took a deep breath and reached for the handle.

˘Sally, NO!!!÷ Molly screamed, but it was too late. The door opened and streamers flew everywhere. Matt was laughing again.

˘MATT!!!÷ Sally screamed.

˘I should have known!÷ Molly added.

˘Matt, have you seen my cookie?÷ Sally said, trying to change the subject.

˘What would I do with your cookie? IĂm allergic, remember?÷ He said, still laughing. To their luck, SallyĂs dog, Sugar ran in and began jumping up on Molly. The children were all shocked. Sugar never jumped up on people. Sugar began smelling her pocket. She shot down and began to bark. In an instant, Sally tore at the pocket. A small cookie fell into her hand.

˘You? How could you? Why? Why?÷ Sally cried.

˘My cookie was burnt!÷ Molly whined. She began to cry.

˘DonĂt cry!÷ Sally said. ˘I forgive you.÷

And with that, she split the cookie in half and they both went to the kitchen and had cookies and milk.

The End!


Author's comments

Nicole, your mystery, 'The Missing Cookie' is not only suspenseful, it contains a lot of humor. Your characters are true to life (I have a grandson like Matt!), and the surprise ending to your story is great. Congratulations!