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Mr. Robinson

By: Sierra B.
Nebraska, Age 11

I never will forget that cold and eerie night. It was like we all knew something was going to happen. My friend Andrea and I were camping out at Woodsmen Lake. A long time ago at this place a man went out to get wood when he dissappeared. No one knows if his dead or if he is still living. When Andrea and I were camping we decided to try to find out what happened to Mr.Robinson. After we got our camping stuff set up we went to the place he was last at. That place was just a little walk away on the other side of the pond.
We were thinking we probably wouldn't find anything out about Mr.Robinson except for what we already knew and that was that he hasn't been seen for more than 20 years and that he doesn't have any family left. When we got to the place he was last seen Andrea stood on a stump and looked around. After she got down she told me she had seen a little hut. We ran all the way there. When we got there I knocked on the door. After 3 knocks an old man came to the door. We asked him if he knew a man named Jesse Robinson. He just started sobbing so hard.

After he stopped he told us to come in and have a seat. After the introductions he told us he knew Mr.Robinson very well. He started telling us about how Mr.Robinson had left his home to get some peace and quiet. When he told us that we signaled for him to stop. We told him that the story in town was that Mr.Robinson went out to chop wood.
The old man grunted and told us that was an old story made up by Mr.Robinsons wife. He went on to tell why Mr.Robinson needed some peace and quiet. After a while we asked where Mr.Robinson was now. The answer he gave us was,'He is sitting right here in front of your eyes!' He said that he didn't know if his wife was dead. We had to break the awful news to him that she had died a year ago.

We asked him why no one had found him in all of these years and his answer was,

'Because I wrote a letter in my best friends name saying I,
Mr.Robinson, had written a letter to my best friend saying I was about to die. So everyone just gave up looking for me.'

We talked him into coming into town and he is going to stay at my house which used t be his old house.


Author's comments

The opening sentences in your mystery story, 'Mr. Robinson,' are so exciting and interesting I couldn't wait to read the rest of your story.

The first few sentences of a story are so important that most authors write them over and over again until they're satisfied that they've created a story beginning that will hook readers and keep them reading.

Mr. Robinson's emotions are expressed well, and we're interested in his problem. Also -- and very important in a mystery story -- you've kept up the suspense throughout. Good work, Sierra!