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The Singur Row

By Aditi B.
India, Age 13

Back to where we started!

The Singur row has had a great impact in the political scenario of India, especially West Bengal, last month. It has made quite a lot of things clear. Firstly, BJP which seems to have retired is actually working up plans to appear in limelight again. The Singur issue was just a base to start off. With the UP elections in hand, BJP was trying to spread its influence all over, amongst farmers, first and foremost. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee seemed to have suffered a lot for a small decision. The project was a minor one administered by Tata Motors, which automatically draws Mr.Ratan Tata into the tug of war. But matters got worse when Trinamul leader, Mamata Banerjee, put her life on stake, as the hunger strike was not a usual one, which dies out with time. It was 25-day long, an every minute her condition worsened. Out in the battlefield Tata was firm with his decision that he would not give up, considering the fact that West Bengal had promised them the land and had provided steadfast support. However even Banerjee stuck up to her words. The Singur issue died out when the strike died out.And today things are back to normal, no one is offended, no one got profit, no one suffered loss, but, yes, Banerjee gained a lot of popularity, But the poverty-fed farmers are slugging on barren land even today, conditions have nt improved even today..Were just BACK TO WHERE WE STARTED!