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Abuse On The Homefront

By Kayla H.
Montana, Age 13

Have you ever just swatted your dog on the nose for eating all the cookies? Did you later feel bad and go apologize? Thatís a normal human reaction. But what if you starved your dog and tormented it? Or even trained it to fight till the death? And why do people do these things? Because they feel like it? Iím going to investigate what makes some people snap, on their pets.
I went to an ASPCA website and Bill Samuels, Ph.D, said that there are three main reasons why people abuse their pets. The first reason is people have too many animals and they end up in cramped and unhealthy living conditions. That is pure carelessness and neglect. Other examples of unintentional cruelty would be leaving your dog in the car on a hot day with the windows rolled up or leaving on vacation without hiring someone to watch your cat is either carelessness or forgetfulness. Sometimeís it is people trying to discipline their animal without realizing itís cruel; they just want a well behaved pet.
The second reason for animal abuse is normally younger kids, like teens, who either give in to peer pressure by throwing rocks at a stray cat with their friends. It could even be that they are going through something traumatic and start taking their anger out on their pets, when itís not the pets fault at all.
The third reason for animal cruelty is purely because it makes the person feel powerful. They would probably hurt other people, but they would get in trouble. Others simply enjoy watching something in pain and actually enjoy the violence.
When I get older, Iím going to speak for the animals.