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Yeti/Abdominal Snowman

By Alex C.
Montana, Age 13

Have you ever heard of the famous Yeti? There have been many rumors about the Yeti and if it is real or not. Some believe it is real, but some are non-believers in this creature. Here are some descriptions of the Yeti: its fur is white, the Yeti is a big creature and stands upright, and it is similar to big foot. There have been sightings of this creature. People also found foot prints of the Yeti. It is believed that it lives in Russia. Scientists believe that it is just a person dressed in a suit or an ape that stands upright. Scientists also believe that this creature cannot exist, but there are some scientists who study videos of it and the footprints that where found. After their studies they believed it can be real. However, there are rarely any sightings of this creature, but some believe he still lives today.