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A victim of bullying?

By Elle H.
New Jersey, Age 10

Bullying is a cruel thing thing. There are two types of bullying verbal and physical. Verbal is a more common way of bullying.
I interviewed a girl named Anne. anne is a victim of verbal bullying. Anne had a problem at school their were many cliques ( you know like the popular kids and unpopular kids). Anne used to be called names by the ''popular girls'' because she had glasses they would call her 4 eyes. They hurt her fellings a lot she even had thoughts of changing schools. Until one day when the ''popular girls'' went to far. Anne decided she didn't want to be a victim she wanted to be a non- victim. She told them ''if you are not going to be nice then i don't want to be your friend, but when you start to be nice then I will want to be your friend''. the ''populars'' said nothing, but sat there gaping, Anne recalls.
Bullying should be stopped and schools all around the country should be notified if bullying is going on in their school.