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4 steps in choosing a Christmas present

By Dominique C.
Romania, Age 10

CHRISTmas is one of my favorit holidays, but is it yours too? Well ,it's a very jolly holiday but it's difficult to find gifts so I thought that I could help you with 4 steps for buying gifts.
First and think about buying the gifts earlyer in the year.
Secondly maybe you should think about buying things from the internet so you won't worry about getting out of the house.
Thirdly,try and buy things that you can find in any shop(for example cologne, a bottle of wine, or even a gift certificate.
Fourthly you can make something homemade, like a card, a necklace, a bracelet or even a type of food such as cake or cookies.
you may consider these things useless but they are quite helpful when you have a lot of stress in you life.