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By Adelyn B.
Philippines, Age 14

''WE ARE ALL HUNGRY''.This is the most problem of the Filipino.Besides of this problem,there are politicians hat are having fun of tmemeselves.
The spreading news is all about the prestigous dinner of our present President Gloria Arroyo.This news spreaded a few months later before the consecutive typhoons happened.The said dinner cost a million in one day only.It is truly amazing that a one dinner costs a million in few seconds.
Even though they gave an information about the dinner,most of the Filipino people was still angry.They still know that PGMA was the president of our country. On the other hand PGMA has the right to use her personal money.According to Malacanang this dinner was a treated to President from her friends.But,according to thier friends they are also treated by their friends in other country.Today,the news is still spreading,until the true
statements will be give.
Even though the news is still on hang,the Filipino wait for the true happenings.To Malacanang,prioritize first the needs of the people before their own wants.