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The 39 Collection of Cars

By Min K.
Myanmar, Age 10

My brother Hein is 5 years old and he is crazy about cars. He started to collect toy cars since he was 3 years old. Some cars are small some are big and some are almost broken. Hein had collected 39 toy cars. Some are different and some are not. Some cars can go upside down. Some cars can turn their front wheels around. He was very proud of his collection. But he still want to buy more cars so when ever he sees a toy car he wanted to buy it!!! I don't want him to buy any more of those cars because I always trip on them and some times when remote control car is on the floor I slip and some time fall or hurt me if it have spikes on the wheels.


Don't try to take or even touch Hein's cars or he will go nuts!!!