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By Claudia C.
Colombia, Age 15

Natural elements and diverse animals have been seriously damaged since April in the waters of the Mexican gulf, because of the oil spill caused by a human mistake.
The oil spill covers approximately 2,500 square miles of the ocean surface in the Gulf of Mexico, distant from the coast of Louisiana. The oil spill was the result of a leak in the well that was being drilled by the Transocean Deepwater Horizon. It is one of the most advanced engineering achievements in the world, and it is the responsible for cleaning the polluted surface, according to federal law. This has to be done along with the British Petroleum Company, which was leasing the rig from the Transocean.

People from the British Petroleum company said the oil spilled from the well is lighter than normal oil. It has the color and texture of “iced tea”, and implied that it would cause less environmental damage, so it will be easier to clean from the affected surface. It has been a terrible lost; thousands of animals have died. About eleven human fatalities and twenty serious injuries. Besides, the strong winds have carried the oil spilled into ponds and lakes near to Louisiana, and coastlines of some states such as Alabama and Florida.