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Summer fun

By Abigail C.
South Carolina, Age 8

I was at lake tillery... i love the lake!! i got 2 wave runners and a speed boat!! i got cool friends!!! lol!! we hang out at the sand bar! if u want to know the sand bar is a lot of sand! also swimming!! i live in troy NC on troy candor RD. my mom is a parmedic, my dad is a K-9 officer... his dog is named blekey! i have one cat his name isa TJ! and one dog her name is Dixie. thier both inside...!! my teacher is mrs. blackmen! ya... im in 3rd grade. i have one sister that is sweet. her name is Olivia grace C, she is 1 yrs old. my name is Abigail. my parents are Elizabeth. my dad is Robert , my grandparents are patricia shes my ant, gail shes my grandma, Elaine shes my great favorite subjects are writing, scince, reading, math, i love girly stuff... peace love smile!! love my life!!!!!