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''Slumdog'' Child Become Homeless

By Albertus F.
The Netherlands, Age 12

On Saturday, in Mumbai, India. ''Slumdog Millionaire'' star Rubina Ali said that her home had burned down in a fire and the fire spread so fast in the Indian city of Mumbai.
Rubina's father, Rafiq Ali said ''We just grabbed what we could and dashed out. The fire spread so fast we couldn't get back in''.
Rubina played the young Latika in ''Slumdog Millionaire'' and amongst her awards, collection of newspaper clippings, photographs and the best clothes had lost in the fire from her success in the film said on the telephone.
Police were investigating the cause, which left 21 people injured and 2,000 homeless.
Many fires happen in Mumbai, usually sparked by electrical short circuits from the many thousands of illegal power connections.