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Being A Teen Mom

By Alyssia M.
Ohio, Age 15

Being a teen mom is hard at times; getting up in the middle of the night, having to provide there needs, not being able to do everything your friends do. There are lots of things that change once you have a baby at a young age and even when you're older things change.
I myself am a teen mom and some people say i'm lucky because I have a good support system and I don't do anything for my son financially, yet. Also my mother cares for him while i go to school. Those two things are the biggest part of being a teen mom, money and school and thank god for my mother i don't have to worry about that or i'd be out of luck. I do, do everything else for my son alone though. I care for him when he's sick, I keep him clean and with clean clothes, I feed him, I play with him, chase him out of things, and love him! I love my son more than anything but he does frustrate me and makes me sad at times. Like when i'm tired or sick and I want to sleep; he still gets up and plays and gets into things because he's a baby and that's what babies do no matter what. And there are times when I wanna get out and do things with my friends but I can't because i don't have a baby sitter. So yes, it is hard for me at times but overall i love my son more than anything in this world and would not give him up for nothing but I do wish that I would've waited. So my advise to all of you young girls is WAIT! Get school and fun out the way before you decide to have a baby.