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Amelia Earhart buys her first plane

By Hannah F.
New Hampshire, Age 10

Having flown for less than 8 months, Amelia buys her first plane. Borrowing money from her parents and using all her savings she buys the two-thousand dollar Kinner airster plane. Amelia paints it yellow and calls it “The Canary”. The Canary was an untested plane and everybody was surprised to see a girl flying. The plane goes two-hundred mph and that is double the speed of Neta’s plane. It was more expensive than other planes it’s size, but Amelia had to have it so she bought “The Canary. Between 1870 and 1920 over twenty-two million immigrants arrive in America from Europe and Asia. But starting in the early 1920’s, an anti-foreign feeling takes hold among many Americans who feel the country is changing for the worse. President Warren G. Harding signs into legislation the first immigration quotas in United States History.