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Should chidrenstv programes be band?

By Laura W.
Angola, Age 14

Here today two people that have two different opinions.Should children's tv programs be band?Well i think that children's tv programs should be banned because if you think about what you see on tv keep healthy and active but are they heathy and active lying around all day watching something that can change their personalty?But if adults have to work around the house or even doing some washing the children won't be in their way and that means they won't get yelled at will they.If you think about the children yeah children like to watch tv but just stand still and think just for a moment children are being cooped up all day inside when they can be out side having more fun in the fresh air.Also being cooped up all day is probably why some children feel sick because they have had no fresh air. Sorry but we will have to end it there.Well we have had two well different sides now can you tell me.Should children's tv programs be band?