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Earth is in Trouble!

By Afsana R.
India, Age 14

Humans dominate the earth; our activities are in grave danger of doing the planet irreparable damage. Everything around us from the atmosphere to plant and animal life are at a risk. Deforestation in itself is a termite which is eating away and destroying 25% of the country’s total forest area. Humans are again to be blamed for this terrible episode of events.

Who is going to be held accountable for the chopping of the trees? This question has to be taken seriously. I read articles about deforestation in every newspaper but nobody has any solutions. The time has come that the entire nation gets involved.

A campaign called “Save the Trees” should be started. This drive of saving the trees should get a lot of footage. All the schools should be teaching courses about taking care of trees and how to plant them. The other thing which humans can control is population.

The population is increasing at a very high rate. More people, more cars, scooters and motorcycles and more petrol and diesel are being burnt, thus more emissions which in turn is leading to global warming. On top of all this we are still busy cutting off trees.
In simple language the green house effect leads to global warming and that leads to a permanent climate change.

The climate has already started to change, deforestation being the leading cause. We already saw very less rain last year. We need to stop global warming, buy planting more trees.

An incentive should be given to the villagers for planting trees and then taking care of them. Every person should plant one tree on their birthday every year. I am sure this will help immensely.

It is very easy to cut a tree (few minutes) but think about how long it takes to grow one.