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Too Much Homework?

By Julie H.
Rhode Island, Age 5

Everyday when I come home from school, I put down my bookbag and start to do my homework. I sit at my desk doing it all and sometimes I stay up too late and don't get all the sleep I need. I'm only in fifth grade and my bookbag weighs a ton! Your bookbag should weigh only be 15% of your body weight. But there is also another problem. I have four different teachers. And they all want to give homework. I have a homeroom teacher, who teaches science, geography, and spelling, I have another teacher who teaches math and another who teaches reading and another teaches french. I only see them once a day so each teacher gives me at least two pages of homework. My reading teacher also gives our class book reports every month. So when do we get a break? Easy. You have to have schedule. If you have tons of homework try to get some done in school when you have free time. But take my advice make a schedule. Say to yourself do I have any activies going on today. If you say yes then you will have to work a little faster that day. Most importent try to get it all done before your bedtime so you'll have all the time you need to sleep!