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Who Should We Listen To?

By Dellin Z.
China, Age 10

Once, in China, there was a grandpa and his grandson. They went to another village to see a friend. They both rode on one donkey. Then, some one saw them and said to himself, ''Wow. An old man and a grandson riding on one donkey. They could kill the donkey like that!'' The grandpa heard and quickly got off. Soon, another young man said, ''A grandpa walking and his grandson riding! That's not so polite to the old man!'' When the grandpa heard, he quickly got the grandson to get off, and rode the donkey himself. Then a kid saw the grandpa riding the donkey himself and said, ''Wow! I never knew any grandpa this mean. His grandson is running and his grandpa is riding!'' So the grandpa got off and started walking with his grandson. Then some one in the market saw that they had a donkey and didn't ride it. They said, ''There is a donkey and they don't ride it. Hmm. Isn't that wasting? The grandpa and grandson didn't know what to do.