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Woods Vs. Borjin in the Dubai Desert Classic

By Kate T.
Kansas, Age 6

I base my opinion on the following facts. The world’s best golfer, Tiger Woods had taken place in the four major tournaments in the year 2000. Tiger walked out, head high with 3 accomplishments: U.S Open, Open Championship, and the PGA Championship.
In the 2001 PGA tour leaders Tiger ranked #6, with 20 rounds and 69.69 as an average.
Thursday the 25th we found Woods taking his game off golf’s main road to the Dubai Desert Classic, with Denmark’s Thomas Borjin. Take a look behind the scenes with Tiger Woods in the Dubai Desert.
Tiger Woods and Denmark’s Thomas Borjin shared the first round leaf Thursday in the Dubai Desert Classic. Shooting 8-under par 645 on a still, warm day on the Arabian Peninsula.
Woods hit a good and final birdie of the game with Thomas Borjin in the final hole dropping a 20-foot putt. Woods clinched his right fist and took a crowd-waving stroll to the hole.
“I played good today and hit a lot of god, solid shots.” Woods said. “It’s really nice to putt on some greens that are this smooth and this true. I got up and hit the ball with birdie range and converted.”
With that I end this news report on the Tiger Woods and Denmark’s Thomas Borjin.