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The Disastererous in the Mountains

By Sana H.
Other, Age 6

Last week at midnight in Urteli a village high up in the Alps a disastrous avalanche took place.
It all started when a great mass of snow slowly began to shift. After a few seconds the avalanche was rolling down making its path grow wider.
Before the avalanche came everything was safe and sound. But when the avalanche passed houses were blown away, walls swept away and shutters and window frames ripped off and smashed.
After the avalanche was over there was a lot of noise. Women screamed, children cried, fathers spoke harshly and a bell rang.
People switched on lamps and torches and went outside to see the disaster. Everything thing was ruined. Everything!
This was the worst thing that ever happened to the villages of Urteli .They were very disappointed and hoped this wouldn't happen again.