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Tradgic accident involving a tree!

By Nathan T.
Australia, Age 13

Yesterday at Fairyville Park Humpty Dumpty's brother Humpty Dumbty broke his arm when he fell out of a tree while racking leaves. Dumbty has ADD and has trouble doing things. Dumbty is in Fairyville Hospital in a critical condition and the doctors told the news crew and Dumbty that he also has a shattered arm and a tumor in his brain. He's broken arm can not be mended and they have to amputate he's arm and get a fake one. He should be out in a couple of months.

Five months later he was back doing he's job in the park unfortionatly and fell out again and this time shattered his leg! The Fairyville will chop down the tree and seek to it that Dumbty won't have this accident again.