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Moving Up and Moving Out

By Cole G.
South Carolina, Age 15

When will our new school be ready, will we be playing sports there in the spring, and how close is it to completion? The new school has been a hot topic for quite a while now. It is of great importance to the school and needs to be ready for the upcoming years due to our rapid expansion in number of students. As it is now the current school building is busting at the seams and we need the new one for next year. Also many sports players want to know when their new home fields and courts will be ready.
As of now the building pads have already been laid and the retention ponds have been dug, but the continuation of building is being delayed due to the need of an upcoming loan that has yet to been finalized. Mr. Gore said, “ We are working with the bank to get the financing, and the main reason for the wait is that the bank wanted the school (since they are trying to get a $2,000,000 loan) to have between land, improvements, and cash to $500,000 of their own money invested in the project before they get the loan.” Just in the land and improvements they have a total of $300,000 already, and the school also has about $150,000 in cash donated. The school is very close to being able to finish the loan. When the loan is completed and building proceeds Darren Gore has informed me that there will be a groundbreaking ceremony as well.
As of yet the date for the finishing of construction has not been confirmed. Between waiting on the bank loan and adjustment in the building plans there is not yet a confirmed estimate on the date of the schools completion. Also for all those who play soccer in the spring sorry but unfortunately the fields will not be ready by the time soccer season starts. When they will be finished is also questionable due to the loan’s incompleteness. On the other hand good news for all the returning basketball players the gym will be finished well before next years basketball season.
Our new school is a huge project and is an essential for a growing school like CA. Mr. Gore closed my questions by asking for the continued support and prayer for the new school. Also many rooms and parts of the new school have not been named. If you would like to donate and have a part of our new school named by you Mr. Gore asks that you donate if you feel led to, and if not please pray for the new building and those working on it. Mr. Gore also added that CA have been very blessed with what it has received and if glad to be a part of this amazing project.