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Chocolate For You!

By Kristania H.
Indonesia, Age 15

If I ask you, do you like chocolate?
Of course you say yes! Everybody likes chocolate!
Do you know that although chocolate is just a simple gift but it also can melt your heart. On the other hand, chocolates also have their own meaning, for example like milk chocolate it means that you are like a kid in the heart but actually you are tender, and sometimes has your own cheering effect, if you like dark chocolate means that you are always looking forward with your goals and tend to close yourself but actually you are warm just like the dark, bitter, sensation of the chocolate.
Besides, chocolate also one of the perfect and simplest gift that you can share to another. Just like what I said, although it's simple but it's also full of meanings, especially if you put your own feeling inside. Now, there are some tips that I want to share to you guys, to know what is the right chocolate for them and to make it a special gift, they are:
1) Think about kind of chocolate that you like.
2) Think a possibility that the person won't like it and be sure that they will!
* if the person is special make sure that they will like it (since chocolate is one way to show you care about them)
3)Choose the chocolate that suitable to the person's character and attitude
4)If it's possible choose the one with package that will attract much attention but also make them curious about it.
5)Pour all of your feelings (grateful, joy, pain, sad, love, etc.) to the chocolate.
6)Put one last but most important weapon in your chocolate which is SMILE, show the person that you are happy to give them chocolate. Remember SMILE is the best weapon.
So, are these tips are useful for you guys? If yes, now said CHOCOLATE FOR YOU!And be happy!