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Lengua Española Introduced to Fourth Year Stu

By Justine Grace A.
Philippines, Age 15

Fourth Year Students are now required to have and attend their Spanish class actuated by the Basic Education Coordinator- with the help from the school registrar and a Spanish linguist. The said class was initiated to help the students prepare their journey through life. Mr. H. is the seniors’ official Spanish teacher. He meets each class of fourth year students once a week; IV-Aristotle is scheduled every Monday from four until five in the afternoon while IV-Einstein is scheduled every Friday from four until five in the afternoon.The Spanish Class’s first meeting was last September 5, 2011 for IV-Aristotle and September 9, 2011 for IV-Einstein. The students had fun and were amazed at the new lingo they were learning. The class’s first lesson was the Alfabeto Española and its pronunciation. The seniors were also taught a Spanish rhyme and they learned how to translate their names in Spanish. In the end, clase de Español was a SUCCESS.