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How Do People Become Homeless?

By Alyssa P.
California, Age 10

You may live in an area with many homeless people. You may live in an area with one or two homeless people. But they all have a reason to be out there. You might see some people who don't look very happy, have little clothes, and/or carrie around a shopping cart or some bags with their stuff in it. That isn't very much.

They walk around, trying to find some kind of shelter every day. They may have a broken bone, or can't think right. They might be holding a sign that says something like ''Broken Arm. Please help.'' This is a little bit about homeless people.

These people might have been robbed, and lost their money, grown out of their clothes, and lost their house due to not having even money to pay their bills. They might have lost their job and couldn't get another one. Their house could have been burned down, and somebody might have robbed their bank. These are some reasons that they are homeless. They take their only possesions, pack them up, and leave.

Don't always fall for it. People who carrie sign wear old clothes, don't take a shower for a long time, and make signs that something like the above. This isn't always true. People don't get much money from this.

This is my aritcle about homeless people. Please read my other articles. I hope you will enjoy them also.